Just figured I would enable the trackback feature on this site. Though I have a question regarding to it’s usage.

If I got this correctly, trackbacks are references to an entry on someone else’s site right? Kind of like in high school when you had to include a bibliography section listing all of the references you used correct?

So, if someone wanted to ping an entry of mine, the steps they would take is just to include the URL to my entry in their “URLs to Ping” section. Then if I wanted to track someone else’s entry, then I’d include their entry’s URL in the “URLs to Ping” section of my entry as well.

Do I have the jist of this or did I completely misunderstand the MT manual?

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See that new little part that says “TrackBack (0) to the right of the comments? Click on it. You’ll see a trackback address — this is what you plug into the trackback field in the comment. I’ll post one from my trackback comment from Saturday, so you see it.

Okay, look at my trackback to you — you’ll see I customized Excerpt text, too, just for you. If you don’t customize it, it takes the first x amount of words (default is 20, I believe).

My pleasure. It took me a while to wrap my brain around it, too. It’s truly handy; one post I put up on Saturday had a dozen trackbacks attached to it by the time I was done.

They bring people over to you, and in return, go the other way. I like it a lot, as it weaves a web of conversation between blogs.

There’s a way you can display posts that you have pinged as well. So that say your post is based on a post of mine, and then Scott posts from yours, then all of that information can be displayed. See www. kadyellebee for an example of what I mean. (And feel free to ask her how she did it. She’s an MT maniac.) When I put my blog back up I’m going to enable it.

Also, if both people are using the latest version of MT, if you put the permalink to the other entry in your entry when posting, it should automatically generate the track-back ping. This actually works for me, at least sometimes…

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