Skid marks

One of my friends just told me that she wants to grow her hair so that it reaches past her ass. My weird sense of logic and imagination then conjured up an image in my head that just had to be blurted out. Understandably, she’s still on the floor laughing.

If you’ve got hair that long, I’d imagine that it gets in the way when you’re taking care of business on the porcelain throne. So do you ever get like skid marks or anything of the sort when you’re going to the head? I mean even in the middle of the night when you’re all sleepy and have no idea what’s going on, does it ever happen by accident? Or do you automatically just reach for the hair and get a hold of it before that unfortunate incident happens? I want to know these things and she won’t answer me because she’s still laughing… I’m not joking either, she’s Yahoo! cam chatting with me and when she gets back up to her chair, she falls back down in hysterics. This has been going on for 10 minutes.

Hmmmph. The nerve of some people…

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As someone that has had her hair that long before, I can safely say that, unless you’re really dense, you FEEL where the hair goes before anything happens…it IS PREVENTABLE! So, don’t go thinking that skid marks have anything to do with why my hair is just past my ears 😛

I miss you!

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