Pssst. Did you hear?

Do people love gossiping at your place of employment?

You know in the last couple of weeks people at my company have been gossiping worse than old Spanish women at the corner bodega (ummm, that’s a store for ya white folk). Personally, I’m not much into gossip, yet everyone always feels the need to tell me every single god damn thing they know about this place. I guess it’s the listener in me or something that draws their prattle…

This reminds me of something I was listening to on my drive home a few days ago. See, the station I listen to in the morning has this program at night called Passion Phones and I happened to catch it that evening. I mean it’s definitely no where near as entertaining as my buh-dees Ron and Fez were, but I found myself chuckling at some of the calls this lady gets. Anyway, the topic of the night was about people who gossip at work.

Particularly, the topic was about whether or not women gossip more than the men. It seems there was a British study (wish I could find the link) which concluded that both women and men gossip the same amounts. Personally, I agree with that statement with regards to all of the old jobs I had. However, it doesn’t apply to the company where I am located at because it’s 90% women here. The few men I talk to on a regular basis gossip very little compared to the women. It’s usually them asking me about problems with their computers or about next week’s football game or something.

So, continuing that theme I heard on the radio a few days ago… What’s the mix of gossiping at your work place and do you love to dish it out, keep it in or just let it fly off you because you don’t care for it?

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I think that the fact that there is such a thing as “Locker Room Talk” tells you something about how women are not the only gossips 🙂

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