I like big butts and I cannot lie

Now this is some interesting info… Looks like Sir Mix-A-Lot and spiders have one thing in common.

I wonder if this is a typcal spider’s personal ad:

Average small arachnid seeking BBA for good times. Will sacrifice self for right set of legs.

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im kaci and i have a few comments about your song, so here goes the following: i just happen to love your song so much me and all my friends made up a dance to it in 4th grade and still do it all the time every time we hear the song.

i just hope that every one else loves your song as much as me and my friends do because if they dont well all i have to say is their dumb people for not likeing it .
well gots to drop out at this point and hope u got my message about your song.

love always and forever/
kaci adams

Kaci: If you get this message, Dave is not sir mix a lot. Sir Mix A Lot already had a dance to his song, if you saw his video you’d know that. Thanks.

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