When angels deserve to die

And so commences the horrible commutes…

The shitty ass radio station that I usually listen to on my way home from work just decided to change formats as of this morning. This means that my usual evening comedic feast of Ron and Fez has now been replaced by the likes of mind-numbing MTV-lemming pop radio icons such as Ja Rule, Creed and dare I say it Shakira… I don’t know if I’m just getting older and wiser, but listening to the same cookie cutter radio stations churning out pop hit after pop hit just lost it’s appeal to me. I mean sure, I loved Z100 and the likes when I was in high school, but now I don’t even associate with people who admit listening to radio stations like that… I’m so sick of tuning to any radio station and listening to the same god damn song 5 times an hour. I’m so sick of retarded and lame-assed radio DJ’s who couldn’t even hold a job at the local Burger King if they tried. This is the reason I flocked to WNEW back in the day after it went to the talk radio format.

You know it’s amazing how a 65 mile commute back home goes by smoothly when you’re laughing and smiling your ass off on the drive down. I wouldn’t mind sitting in two hours of traffic on the NJ Turnpike, so long as I had my fill of my WNEW shows to keep me thoroughly entertained.

First Opie and Anthony got needlessly booted off the station for a prank that was pulled last year involving a couple having sex in a church. Ok fine, that may have gone a bit overboard on the taste side, yet I’m still hearing about priests molesting little boys. Do we arrest these sick fucks? Oh nooooooooooooooo… We just quietly shuffle them off to another location and pay off the poor victims to keep them quiet. But you know, I’m straying off the subject and I don’t even want to get into that whole hypocritical mess.

With that show gone, we all tuned to Ron and Fez to fill in that void and they took up the slack so nicely. For another 5 months or so, they continued to make the drive home as pleasant as could be for me. There was talk about them being off the air and the station changing formats around Thanksgiving time, but we all hoped it would never happen. So today while I was going to lunch, I heard that Avril chick singing on the radio and I figured they were playing it to make fun of her later. Then as the song faded into a Creed song, my sprits sunk faster than the Titanic after hitting that nasty chuck of ice. That fucking station changed formats and didn’t even have the god damn decency to let the listeners know. I mean there wasn’t even a good-bye show or a few farewell words to at least give Ron and Fezzie some closure here in our area. Thank god they’re still working, however now the Washington DC area now has the pleasure of their voices gracing the airwaves over at WJFK radio. At least ya DC folks now have something better to listen to than those shit-for-brains Don and Mike.

So now, I am stuck with a 65 mile commute every night with nothing to listen to on the radio. I’m going to have to buy a god damn 100-pack of CDs now to make myself some mixes because all I have in my car is hard rock mixes and Metallica CDs. Do you know what listening to Metallica does to an angry 27 year-old Latino driving on the NJ Turnpike? Let me tell you this folks, if you see a white 2000 Altima with a Linux fish on its trunk, stay the fuck away from it.

Especially if you can hear the bassy crunch of System of a Down reverberating throughout it’s body.

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My brother and my ex-boss must be dying. I was never a big fan, but I feel for you. The world does not need another radio station like that.

What about satellite radio? Could you get one of those?

Frankly, WNEW hasn’t been the same since they went to the stupid format. What stupid format?

Dumping what they were known for — CLASSIC ROCK.

Feh. I can’t stand buddy shows, etc.

You can always listen to 103.5 for the dance music. Relive the 80s with their freestyle choices as well as current techno hits. Can’t listen to rock all the time.

Zuly: I was seriously considering XM or something along those lines… I heard it’s got at least a good mix of stuff and not the same thing repeating over and over again.

Scott: Actually, I was upset at first too when WNEW went to the talk format. Though it quickly grew on me when it was something else other than music that was funny on the radio. Then again, I’ve always preferred 104.3 over 102.7 with regards to classic rock. It was a much better mix of the great bands as opposed to the endless Van Halen, Led Zep and AC/DC tunes that 102.7 kept on throwing down our gullets. Especially on those “2-fer Tuesdays.”

Ada: Blech… 103.5 is just Z100 for the club rats… Actually, I think it’s the same company that owns them both. Horrible horrible stuff that probably gets played at Webster hall or those other once great, but now shitty-ass clubs in the city. I’d rather just listen to the house and techno mixes I made myself. Besides, the only good station in the NYC area that plays 80’s tunes is 95.5 and it’s only good on Saturdays because more of the obscure 80’s hits get played.

holy crow! me too, stinking WNEW, i flicked on the station at 7pm waiting to hear “get ready for the greatest show… ….. ron….. fez….HEY!!” (that was the chopped up version)

i loved that darned show… especially the comedy pyramids

what the heck else is on? fricking 80’s music on PLJ?


It first hit me in the morning when I realized that the station was playing nothing but music (my radio usually starts…dang…started off on 102.7 from the night before, although the morning sports talk guys were decent), and my immediate fears turned out to be correct. I was a Big Ass Card Holder and a regular contributor to the comedy pyramids…well, at least they did all that best of stuff over the holidays as a kind of unintended tribute. I am fraking miserable. Online access?

Erin: Yeap… pretty much… Sucks eh??

Ken: I hope syndication underground happens real soon. I’m having freagin’ withdrawls here. BAC #13939 here…

Hi, I know exactly how you feel. It is like when a friend moved away. Bummer!!! …….. I miss those guys. ………… Any hints on how to get S.U. I would be willing to tape their show to brighten my workday again. At least we got some good laughs for a while and we know the difference between good – funny radio and what the rest of the Radio world has to offer. ABSOLUTE GARBAGE.

B.A.C. 4244 / I am really feeling R&W withdrawl ! When the went off the air I was out on disability and had the TV to distract me. But now that I’m back at work and stuck in my truck eight hours a day I seem to be going crazy. Please help me. If anyone finds out about underground radio feel free to email me at herbweener@aol.com thanx. SEEEEEE YA

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