Out with the old, in with the new

Well, I finally got around to figuring out why my old Windows server kept on crashing. The funny part was that it was all because of Linux that I found out. See, when I finally got around to picking up my Windows box and popping it open, I completely forgot that it had no case fans and all that was cooling it off were the CPU fans on each of the Celeron chips (it’s a dual processor motherboard). See, *that’s* a bad thing… When CPUs overheat they have a nasty habit of just stopping the machine completely. You know, I really should file a complaint to Intel for that… 😉

So, I talked to my friend about it and he said he had an Antec case that he would sell me real cheap because he owed me a favor. So I figured with it’s roomy interior and 4 case fans, them CPUs would be cooler than a snow cone (cherry flavor of course) on a summer day.

At a much later time, I popped the old motherboard and all of the goodies into their new home and fired up the bad boy. Things seemed better but, since I had already moved this blog to my Linux box in my fit of anger, I decided to convert it to a replacement Linux box for the one I have at Devina’s place. Why do I have a Linux box there already you may be asking? Well, I needed a firewall for my cable modem connection there and I didn’t want to spend any money on a hardware based router/firewall. So yeah, I built a Linux box out of spare parts to avoid the costs of getting a 30 dollar router… Go figure.

Anyhoo, Redhat had a bitch of a time installing on there and from all of the debug messages it dropped off, it looks like there’s a voltage issue with that motherboard…


So, I inquired about fixing it and it cost more than the motherboard, both Celeron 500 chips and the 768MB of ram on that board put together. Yeah right… I’ll fix that when Julia Roberts puts out a good film

[[ hint… it’s never going to happen, though Tracy’s blog entry is HILARIOUS! ]]

So, in this lovely new case I just got, I have a crappy motherboard that doesn’t work too well, but with great parts on it. It goes without saying that this situation had to be remedied.

I then hopped to my new-found trusty computer parts supplier (which just happens to ship next day since I live in the same state when I select ground shipping :yay:.) and after some careful scrutinization, I selected an ASUS A7S333 motherboard with a shiny new AMD XP 2000+ CPU to replace the old parts.

The funny part?

Those new parts cost infinitely less than what it cost to repair the old motherboard. Hell, it cost less than what I could sell those parts off on eBay if they were in perfect working order! 😆 So, in the end I’ll have a nice new monster Linux box that will pretty much only function as a firewall/router with roughly 90GB worth of drive space and a half a gig of RAM.

Now that I really think about it, that’s just sick…

God I love being a geek. 🙂

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