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There’s GOTTA be an easier way to do this…

I managed to get my old database up and running on my personal machine which means I now have access to a year and a half’s worth of old entries and comments. However, I’d rather not place in my old entries by hand like I did for the first three I ever did. I’d much rather get massaged by an Anna Nicole Smith on her horny rampages…

Hmmm… Now that I think about that…


The things that can instantly pop into a guy’s head… 🙂

Now, I know you can import entries into MT from other blogging popular systems. However, I created my own blogging software and with that, designed and maintained my own database to house the entries and other site content. Thus, I know it’s definitely not taking my home grown stuff without shitting itself and not wiping up afterwards. It’s like throwing raw oil in your gas tank and trying to drive with it. It needs to be refined into a more suitable format (gasoline) before the car can use it without blowing up and making your mechanic one happy mofo.

I’m assuming that there is some form of “importing template” or scheme that MT uses in order to receive data and make it usable by MT. Ya know, something like:

Entry ID = yadda
Entry Subject = yadda yadda
Entry Text = yadda yadda yadda
Entry Date = yadda yadda yadda yadda
Entry ID = yadda2
Entry Subject = yadda2 yadda2
Entry Text = yadda2 yadda2 yadda2
Entry Date = yadda2 yadda2 yadda2 yadda2

And so on and so forth.

I’m also guessing there’s some form of funky delimiter like colons or dashes or something in order to differentiate stuff like comments and all of that lovely jazz. So my questions to all of you lovely MT using people is quite simple. Ummm, I’m guessing. 😀

Is this information publicly available to anyone? Has anyone out there even remotely tried something like this? Is there a way I can force MT to output all of my current entries so that I can sorta figure out how to import new data? Since all of my old entries are safely stored inside SQL, I can massage the data in specific formats and patterns. Therefore I can theoretically dump my blog database into a big ass file that MT will accept and I’ll be one happy clam.

Otherwise, It’s going to have to take at least a few months to get all of my old entries back.

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Yes! This can be done. We did it. (My hubby had written his own blogging software too.)

http://www.movabletype.org/docs/mtimport.html shows you the format of the data that MT is looking for.

If you scroll down further on the page, you’ll see an example with multiple posts that each have comments. It’s basically 5 dashes between multi-line fields and 8 between entries.

Also, if you go into “Import/Export” and scroll down to the bottom of the page, you can export your current data to get your own personalized example of how to do this.

Then you just write a little program to dump the data from your old database and import into MT.

IM/email me if you have questions, but I’m sure you won’t have any trouble.


You are indeed a lifesaver! Exactly what I needed. Looks like I have a worthy weekend project ahead of me now… 🙂 Thanks again Lisa! 🙂

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