Chef Dave strikes again

Just had 4 co-workers go absolutely bonkers at the scent of the rice and beans I cooked yesterday for my lunch this week.

All of them are begging me for some of it when I bring more in for my lunch tomorrow.


4 replies on “Chef Dave strikes again”

Plain red beans with white rice Jen. 🙂 I’ll see if I can freeze some up and ship it to ya… 😉 The way it looks I gotta bring lotsa small bean-filled tupperwares tomorrow. 😆

bring lots of bean-o, with ya. an office full of bean eaters…not always the BEST laid plan.


beans, beans…they’re good for the heart,
beans, beans…they make you fart.

I have to agree with Jen, an office full of bean eating people is just not a pretty scene, unless it’s all part of your diabolical plan to embarrass people in situations so you can move up the corporate food chain? I see how it goes. >_< I’m on to you. 🙂

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