Cartoon hotties

Here’s a question…

How come we never get to see Ms. Bellum’s face when’s she’s chilling with the mayor on the Powerpuff Girls? I mean next to Jessica Rabbit and Kim Bassinger in that Brad Pitt cartoon movie, she’s got one hot body on her.

Is it me or do you think there’s a thing between her and the mayor?

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That’s funny. Ever seen the Muppet Babies? They never show Nanny’s face, just her socks. Maybe the couldn’t make a face to match her body or something. Competition for the teacher. Hey, behind every great man there’s an even better woman. Without her, the mayor’d be lost. hahaha

*Gasps* there’s no more county-down thingy )= but that’s okay.. you’re site still rocks no other.. i like the new layout.. (= i haven’t been here in like.. forever though… so you’ve probably had it up forever.. but oh well… i still <3 the site.. like always… *smiles and runs off*

hahahahahaha! yeah, i wonder what she realy looks like! man, she’s hot! 😛 hahahahaha!

this one time.. at bandcamp.. 🙂

wow i sooo missed your blog


Omg..I remember this one episode where they were imitating each other. I don’t remember which Powerpuff Girl it was but she was imitating Ms. Bellum and stuffed the stuff animals in her shirt.

I think her and the mayor got a little thing going on.

Lily: Yeah I remember the Muppet babies… That’s one total extreme though just to show her socks… Perhaps it was a foot fetish thing?? 🙂

Hannah: Hey girl… Yeah… I lost the site that the counter thingy was on… Perhaps I’ll figure out a way to enable it here. 🙂

Gia: Don’t even get me started on that bandcamp thing…. 😉

Coley: Hehe… I wonder if the mayor satisfies her? Though she maybe getting some from the Professor as well… Heh heh heh.

Trish: That’s a very interesting view point. It would have been cool is Ms Bellum spoke in that garbled language the adults spoke in Charlie Brown’s world.

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