This is worse than SaveKaryn

You know… This is sad.

I don’t know this girl, nor would I want to make a comment about her since I do not know her personally. However, that is the absolute most pathetic thing I have seen anyone do with this current fad of cyberbegging. I thought this one topped that cake, but to beg for larger breasts? I mean come on.

The worst part is that she’s already got a little over 1200 dollars. I mean can’t people donate to slightly more needy causes than this?? There’s the Red Cross, cancer research, homeless charities, etc, etc, etc.

That’s it, I’m giving up my humanity card. As each day goes on, I’m constantly wondering how these people are in the same species as me…

Link courtesy of Nicole

3 replies on “This is worse than SaveKaryn”

How very very sad…she should be glad with what she was given and find some self esteem!!!

this really makes me mad. she’s the same size as most women are. ASIAN WOMEN. she compares herself to white girls…she’s asian, that idiot. if she was supposed to have big boobs then she would have been born with them. she doesn’t know who she is. sad, sad, sad.

this world is starting to disgust me,i mean this women asking for money for larger breast!!! i found out last year i had breast cancer,but the sad part is,i`m a single mother(32 years old)have been working the last 7 years without health insurance,berarly getting by and it took 1 year for me to get the propper health outcome is i ended up removing both of my breasts.if people want to give money away give it to those who really need it!! gina

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