High and Mighty my ass

And people wonder why I would never be caught dead owning (or driving) an SUV.

However, I’d much rather be the vain asshole tailgating you in a SL-55 AMG… 🙂

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The article on the SUVs was a laughable generalization of people. Ridiculous. I don’t drive an SUV, but I’d rather than be such a bigot.

some people are just really fat and need to drive in something bigger. not everyone who drives an suv thinks they’re hot shit. they’re just big shit. literally.

It’s hard to fit three dogs in an SL-55 though. And they would all need “doggles.”

And I bought my SUV used. Does that make me any better of a person?

I am totally getting an SUV complex now.


That article was on point. I know people that drive SUVs that think they’re the shit just because they’re driving that tank. Grr…

I like the SL-55 better.

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