Willow hits the spot just fine… :)


So far so good… Well, it looks like the new changes took. 🙂

While I was creating Steph’s layout for her new blog, I found the above image image and decided it would be kinda cool for me to use. Oh yeah, I convinced Steph that she should blog…

That woman is so full of rage it’s not funny… 😆

Anyway, I’m kind of proud at how this turned out and it’s almost XHTML compliant as well. It’s almost done completely in DIV’s and stylsheets, but man was it a bitch converting it all. The next time I update the layout however, it will be infinitely easier to do which is a good thing.

I think I’m going to keep my Alyson Hannigan image up for quite some time though.

Eh well, things may be a little rough in the edges a bit on this site. If you see anything funky or something doesn’t quite work the way it used to, lemme know!

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dude, if I ever saw alyson hannigan and melissa joan hart in the same room, I would self-friggin-combust.



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