How’s this for a New Year’s start?

It’s roughly 3am and both Devina and I are sound asleep. Then all of a sudden, there’s a very very loud knock on one of the doors to get into our apartment. I didn’t hear this, but apparently Devina got the shit scared out of her and jumped out of bed. Once the second rapping started, I heard it as well and we were both like WTF?!? We got dressed and the knocking continued. Now I’m talking closed fist type of knocking where you want to break down a door. Devina starts yelling out “Who is it?” a few times and no one answers back, however the knocking continues. Then I start getting pissed off and scream out “Who is it?”

The person asks if there’s a Jennifer in our apartment. We both scream out no.

The knocking continues.

We again tell this person that there is no one by the name of Jennifer here and they scream out that we have to open our door.

Uh huh… Yeah…

And several midget albino monkeys might come screaming out of my ass…

The knocking continues and I then scream out that I will call the police if they did not stop knocking on the door. To this the person replies, “I am a cops”

Puzzled and thinking this guy is trashed off his ass, I tell Devina to call 911 and have them verify this. There’s no way I’m going to open the door for this asshole just to shoot me or something. Not a cool way to spend New Year’s Day ya know, but at least I had clean boxer briefs on.

Anyway, Devina gets a hold of the 911 operator and we explain our situation. I look outside and notice two North Brunswick police cruisers parked in front of our apartment complex with their lights turned off. The operator asks who lives in our place and we tell him our names and then all of a sudden you hear the police radio going off outside. Then you hear footstpes leaving, then the operator apologized and we thought all was done with. We’re getting back into bed cursing the cop that woke us into a fright and then the knocking starts again.

This time Devina’s pissed and she goes to open the door. Need I remind you she’s a brown belt who can kick a black belt’s ass… I’m droolin’ with blood lust at this point.

I didn’t see anything since I was butt nekkid and understandably didn’t want to go to the door, but according to Devina, the police officers were wearing bullet proof vests and asking for all sorts of people they thought lived in our apartment.

In the middle of questioning, she just interrupts them and reminds them of the time. They get the hint, apologize and vamoose off to the next few buildings. They didn’t leave for a while afterwards, but they did arrest someone from what Devina could hear.

We both think it was a drug bust of some sorts. Normally, police introduce themselves when they knock and they don’t show up in bullet proof vests. Because of their vagueness when they knocked on the door and their attire, it had to be a drug bust right?

We were plenty pissed that morning but after thinking about it, how much must it suck to be a cop doing a drug bust in the middle of the night on New Year’s Day?? It’s understandable why they did what they did in the end, but what a New Year’s eh?

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Since they were cops, I’d say it was drugs. The paranoid in me says Homeland Security, though. But like I said, they were cops, not FBI or what-have-you.

wow, that is a really bad way to start off the new year 🙁 if they were trying to do a drug bust and got to you guys instead, the real criminals probably got a chance to get away. dumbasses…

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