Dr Zaius, Dr Zaius…

This past Friday’s was also my company’s Christmas party and it went pretty well.

We were taken to Sardi’s in the city for a nice dinner and then treated to seats for the Broadway play, 42nd Street. The dinner itself was decent, but not what I had expected from such an established restaurant in the city. Had I read the review NY Today gave on my Vindigo app on my Palm, I would have known better:

It’s next door to The New York Times, and even we rarely go there. What used to be the quintessential theater district restaurant is now a sad example of faded glory; if you have great memories of the place, don’t spoil them.
– Ruth Reichl (4/98)

Yeap, that pretty much sums it up. I’m sure it must have been awesome back in the day though.

As for the play, well…

We both found it rather hard to sit through.

There’s some amazing talent in the play but according to Devina and I, it seemed wasted. It was quite flashy, but it had no real “meat and potatoes” to it. Just a lot of tap dancing, intricate and colorful sets and over-produced dance acts. Devina made a comment about it being like the play in the Simpsons where Troy McLure does the musical version of Planet of the Apes. I had her cracking up when I started singing, “Dr. Zaius, Dr. Zaius” though.

I felt bad for her because I knew she was going through hell watching this performance. I had the absolute displeasure of watching Brazil back in college so I could sit through a couple of hours of a bad musical. Watching anything else that’s seemingly bad is child’s play.

If I had bought the tickets myself, I would have just left 20 minutes into the play. However, since the big boss got the tickets for everyone, we did the nice thing and endured it until the end. Thank god for the Bugs Bunny cartoons being played in my head. 🙂

Either way, it was a very nice gesture from my company to take everyone out for a nice dinner and a play as a Christmas present. At the very least, it’s the thought that counts right?