Can’t have it all

Today is going to be the very first time I will have missed a premier of a Star Trek film starring the Next Generation crew. I was way psyched when I first found out about the film’s movie trailer release, but unfortunately I will not be able to attend today’s showing.


Well, today is my company’s Christmas party and the entire company is being treated to dinner in the city and tickets to a Broadway play. It’s really a very nice gesture considering we all received a rather nice Christmas bonus as well last week. Man am I going to miss the way this company treats us when I have to look for another job. Either way, it should be fun tonight and it looks like I am going to watch Star Trek: Nemesis tomorrow… :sigh:

If any of you all watch it today, kindly leave a comment about how it was. Please don’t spoil anything for me, just let me know if it was better than their last film (#9). It’s an even numbered film (#10), so it’s probably going to be good. Then again, I really liked Star Trek: Generations (#7) much more than Star Trek: First Contact (#8) which a great deal of people loved.

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oooohhh, take me to see it pleeeease (begging with tears in her eyes…….now starts the kicking and screaming)

Jon’s heading out to see it right now, as I type! It was either he takes me to see it some other time, or he goes with his dad and younger brother this morning, so I told him to go with them 🙂 I’d like to see it, don’t get me wrong…but I’d also like to take a bubble bath and eat breakfast and have a slow morning 😀

We have plans to go see it this weekend too. I wanted to go to the opening as well, but I just don’t think we will make it. We are trying for the midnight show of LOTR though….

And I really liked Generations and First Contact too…so I can’t wait to see this one!!!

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