No feedback leaving eBay mothereffers

The one thing I absolutely loathe about buying or selling items on eBay is the inability of 50% of the people who buy stuff from me (or whom I buy stuff from) to leave me some simple and positive feedback messages. I don’t want a god damn super praise, just a simple “Good sale,” or “Fast shipper,” or “Good buyer,” or something along those lines. Two words, two fucking words is all I ask for when I leave feedback for you. Shit, even a simple “Thank you” would turn me into a giddy school boy.

A couple of weeks ago I must have sold at least 10 items and I’ve only received 2 fucking feedbacks as of today from those sales. I take the time to pack the shipments way better than I have ever received from others and this is all of the thanks I get. I’m always good with the e-mails and my responses. I don’t hound people with the PayPal invoices three times per day. Hell, as soon as I get money, I always leave great feedback. If I bought something from you, I leave you the appropriate feedback as well. I have never left anyone out to dry without a concise feedback message.

You know, if every single person left a feedback for me since I started using eBay, I’d have at least 180 or so next to my name in parentheses. I’ve got way less than half of what I have dished out… I wish they made feedback messages mandatory for every transaction, both good or bad.

It’s just plain rude in my eyes. Just as rude as sneezing all over someone, farting in public or not having the common courtesy to give him the reach around… Oh wait… Umm, disregard that…


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You just guilted me into going right over to eBay and leaving feedback for someone I forgot to leave feedback for.

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