Spammer is spammed… :lol:

Oh, this just made my day. The fucker deserves everything he’s getting…

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hey… although I normally don’t comment unless I plan to leave one of those really, really long comments, I decided to comment now for no reason really. my head hurts too much to use all those characters, so i’ll just tell you what I came to say… hehe.. since i’ve been bugging/harassing you since the beginning of time, I decided to share this with you… because I’m excited and have shared it with everyone.. lol.. but I got a domain!! how, awesomely cool is that? yeah, okay… I think I’m done now. I need to fix my link to you.. and I still love the site… hehe.. *this is totally the shortest comment i’ve ever left* oh well.. much love to ya.

Oooooooo. That rocks hardcore! ::grins:: I love it. Can I send some spam too? ::Giggles:: Mmmmmm. I wonder if any judge wil actually hear the case? Mmmmmm. My guess is probably and that Ralsky will win. Such is the state of our society. (Damn that woman that sued McDonalds and won . . . . )

Anyway – where do you FIND these things? ::chuckles:: You always have the best articles linked.

::bounds off::

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