Booty of old here I come again!

Yesterday as I was trying to figure out what to wear for Devina’s job’s Christmas dinner today, I put on a pair of pants that I really liked. The reason I liked them so much was because it made my butt look pretty damn nice… Not too flat… Not too plump… It’s just there ripe for the gratuitous grabbing. Not that it’s the absolute butt to end all butts ya know, but it’s been grabbed by quite a bit in various places so I know it’s a’ight. 🙂

Anyway, it’s been several months since I wore them, so I figured I should see if the pants still fit as well as they used to. They didn’t. They are a little snug up top which was expected since I knew I gained weight recently (god damn fast food restaurants). I then get over to the hallway mirror and am so disheartened at the sight behind me. What used to be a nice “picked off the orchard” butt has been diminished away to something that’s rather ordinary and “lifeless”…

I’m not happy about this one folks!

Not happy at all!

One of the requirements of being Latino is at the very least having a nice ass. Granted, I’m about as Latino as Michael Jackson is black, I had pride in my booty.

It’s time for my flabby Latino ass to get a gym membership with a chunk of my Christmas bonus and start going again. Luckily, there’s one of these very close to me and my friend Adrian goes there as well.

Ugh, so depressing…

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you’re still the sexy latino to me schmoopie. now shake that thang fo’ momma!

Yeah I remember the Latino booty you had but then again you were really fit and athletic. The office environment can make any nicely shaped behind deteriorate and definitely gym time is the way to go to shape that THANG. Time to get a videotape of “Buns of Steel” and while you are at it, might as well learn how to salsa. :-p~

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