A humble request


Dave has asked this of you and now so will I. You’ve got it nice and bone-chilling cold now. You’ve graced my cool bud Lindsey with a good 4 inches at this moment with an expected 11 inches by later on. So why not send some of the white fluffy stuff our way up here? Give a good drop to Philly, Jersey and of course Massachusetts. We were horribly teased last time with that measly dusting that big momma offered us… It was barely enough to fill an ice cube tray. *weeps*

Please send down the good stuff and I’ll see if I can talk my beautiful and loving girlfriend into making you a flan. Oh yeah Jeebus, I’m not playing here. I will bust out the heavy artillery for some of the white ganja. 🙂

Grown men have beat each other down for a small slice of her custard-y goodness.

Parents have hidden slices in unmentionable places from the entire family for the savory delight of eating it in privacy.

I’ll make it so that you can have your very own. Oh yes. Oh yes…

There’s milk in the fridge if you need some or there’s a few Coronas and Sam Adams Winter Lagers if you’d like something with a little more substance to take back with ya.

Since it’s relatively early in the winter 6 inches will be quite enough, but I’ll definitely take a good foot or three… If it’s more than a foot, I’ll even stay home from work tomorrow and sing your praises to all of my friends. 🙂

Really I will.

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And whats with backing out of sushi last night…wuss! Man you missed the good stuff last night. We got comped the belly part of striped bass, this tempura roll filled with crab, tuna, and a little cream cheese, and sashimi appetizer…so GOOD! Yessiree folks it does pay to give beer to your sushi chef! In the immortal words of
Shawn Wayans in Scary Movie “But wait; therrrres MORE!” Life is good.

Lemme tell ya Davers, I LOVE snow, but I hate when the classes don’t get cancelled because of it. A group of 8 guys just came by my room and wanted to know if I wanted to go play in the snow…in what I had on (which was pj pants and a t-shirt, no shoes or socks). I said “no thank you, I don’t feel like playing the ‘I’m catching pneumonia’ game tonight”. Hehe…crazy kids…

Well, I’m a little miffed that you forgot New York in your prayer. If it turned out that NJ got snow and NYC didn’t, I would have had to cross the river to lay some whoop ass on you. ;p Fortunately for you, we’re getting snow, too!

Hey Dave! We have a whole slew! ::grins:: Down here in Maryland! It is still going! And it’s apparently horrible out ont he roads. (; ::giggles:: I don’t know what the accumulation is yet, but it’s fun to look at! Places haven’t been plowed, schools are closed all over. It’s great! I have no idea if it’s heading toward Jersey, but I’ll send up a note to the snow gods for you!

Ooh, Sam Adams Winter Lager is always excellent!

Flakes were coming down as I made my way to Times Square at 7 AM. Looking out the 17th floor window here, I see snow starting to come down harder. Woo-hoo!

hell man, you rock. there’s strength in numbers. I just saw this, after I posted asking people for a little snow dance to make the great snow turtle happy.

dave, I’m beginning to think we are kindred…

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