You’ll poke your eye out!

23 days left of shopping on-line (I feel sorry for those of you brave enough to do it in person at your local mall)

23 days left of A Charlie Brown Christmas, Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Babes in Toyland, A Christmas Story and It’s a Wonderful Life being broadcasted incessantly

2 work related Christmas parties (mine and Devina’s)

Getting a tree next weekend and decorating it.

Gotta love December eh?

Yesterday Devina and I headed into the city to go to the Museum of Sex and you know what? It’s not all that is it cracked up to be. She went in thinking it was going to be some form of civilized peep show and I figured it would be like watching a documentary on PBS about sex. It’s a mix of both, though it could have been done better. We both thought the price of admission could have been lower considering the small hassles you have to deal with. First off is the amount of people in there with regards to walking space. The corridors for looking at the exhibits were way too small to handle a good amount of people. There were about 20 people in front of us and that was 10 too many in my opinion. You can only stand in the middle of the walkway to view the exhibits which makes it very hard to get around someone without pushing them aside. You can’t really stay in one spot to look at something interesting without annoying someone else who wants to get around you to continue ahead. Devina and I wound up skipping half of the first floor’s exhibit because people just stood around looking like lazy eyed cows at the exhibits.

There really is no flow to the museum… It gets very easy to stay there and stagnate in the uncomfortably warm and stale air on the first floor.

They give you these listening devices up front which is a cool idea, but it’s a bit awkward to use at first because you have to get used to their numbering system. A good deal of the stuff on display has no audio commentary behind it which didn’t fare too well with me. I figured if you give me an audio device to understand the exhibits better, you should include ALL of the exhibits as opposed to a certain few. They could have used those wrap-around headphones which are more popular nowadays. I hate getting headphone hair… 🙁

When we got upstairs, there was a much better flow of people and the air was much fresher and cooler. The funny part was there they were airing 5 full fledged porn movies on this floor so naturally, there were huge crowds gathered around the TV screens. The first one that shocked Devina was the airing of the infamous Deep Throat. She just happened to view it during a very special part which threw her for a loop. What caught my eye was the 4 separate Vanessa Del Rio flicks that were airing in front of a whole gang of people. My favorite part of the museum visit was the look of sheer disgust and awe this poor girl had while watching Ms. Rio being serviced by more than one guy at the same time (I’ll avoid the lewd details for you). I just couldn’t stop laughing at the poor thing. She looked like she was going to need some major therapy after gracing her eyes on that. I must admit I am definitely not a fan of Vanessa Del Rio’s work, but after hearing the audio commentary Vanessa gave for her exhibit, I found her to be extremely hilarious.

Poor Devina though… I have never seen her turn that color red while I pointed the Rio display to her. 🙂

They also have these hidden kiosks where individuals can point to location on a NYC map and write about a sex story they had for that particular location. I thought that was a great idea, however they really do need to make a spell check for this. You wouldn’t believe the atrocious spelling and grammatical mistakes the patrons of these museum have. It’s enough to totally turn you off some of the stories you are reading about.

The museum exhibits stopped shortly after this display which was a complete disappointment to the both of us. You can literally do the whole museum in a couple of hours if you listen to the entire audio commentary for the displays. Both our initial reaction after leaving the museum was “That’s it??”

If you want to venture to the Museum of Sex, do yourself a favor and take an early lunch if you work in the city and go before noon. At a reduced $12.00 admission price, you’ll definitely have a better experience.

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Sounds like a great trip to me Davers, though I am sorry for the disappointment. Oh well, you can say you’ve gone now…and maybe make your own exhibit at home, hehe…

Dave, dear, you’re probably one of the rare few in that museum that actually spent enough time paying attention to the whole thing to critique it properly 😉

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