Jebus, please send me some snow

You know mother nature is the absolute biggest cock tease. Here I am expecting some good ass snow to have the obligatory snowball fight (2 separate links there) at work and I get a measly 2 eff’ing inches. Hmmph! Snowstorm my plump ass…

I love snow, I love snowball fights, I love snowmen (not that there’s anything wrong with that you know :grin:). I actually dig scraping ice and batting snow off my car in the morning as well. I’ve driven so much in the snow that I love “ski-driving.” Meaning, I’ll purposely lose control of my car on a large road to spin a few times and get out of it… Ask Devina, she’s been lucky enough to experience this with me. 🙂

Call me insane…
Call me demented…
Hell call me Ricky Ricardo… I dig the white stuff!

If I had my way, I’d install a snow making machine in the basement of my future house.

So I say screw you Mommy Nature… I’m resorting to asking Jebus for some snow the next time it might bless my doorstep. You’ve proven to be way too unreliable in my book.


I’ll just keep myself occupied today with this.

Though check out this photo I took of my commute this morning… So serene. 🙂

click for larger pic