Ashi tashi… D’oh!

Unfortunately this weekend’s karate activities did not go as expected.

Devina did not pass her tests and she has to retake them all in February. There’s three tests the students at her karate school have to take and if they pass them, the fourth (final) involves sparring with another person (who could be a black belt or higher). From what I gathered, as long as you defend yourself for the amount of time you are allotted, you are granted the black belt in that last test.

The first test was pretty much performing the required moves in front of a set of judges to make sure you have techniques down. All of us thought both Devina and the other person who tested with her at the same time nailed them down.

The second test was a set of defensive drills against a black belt to see if you mastered the form and techniques for a specific attack. Essentially, the black belts attack you and you have to perform a series of moves to prove that you can defend yourself with technical proficiency. Devina performed the moves almost flawlessly according to the other higher degree black belts watching and she literally hurt the black belt she tested against.

The third test involved wood breaking and this was the most lop-sided and half assed segment of the tests from what I could see. Devina had to break 4 pieces of wood three times. Twice with different kicks and a third with an elbow strike I believe. Unfortunately, she was not able to break her wood, though she has done it before in class. It just wasn’t happening for her on Sunday. Then again 75% of the people testing there could not break their wood as well. There was one poor guy who was there for the fifth time taking the wood breaking exam.

He failed yet again.

The reason I thought it was all half-assed was because in the group Devina tested with, only 3 of the other people attempted to break 4 or more pieces of wood. A very large percentage of them had to break only 1 or 2 pieces of wood. Some of the women who broke 3 pieces of wood were way taller and bigger than her and get this…

There was even a GUY who only had to break 2 pieces of wood in his test!!!

Doesn’t that seem a little odd to you??

After the wood breaks, she had to wait to find out if she passed the other two tests she took and astonishingly, she did not. Actually, no one testing in her arena passed at all! There was this one girl who completely lost it, got super pissed at the judges and was complaining left and right to everyone about her failing. Devina of course had much more tact than to be such a poor sport about it, but understandably she was pretty pissed. It turns out one girl in another arena got to do her moves like 4 times and she wound up qualifying for the sparring round. I mean if black belts say Devina did the moves as perfectly as she possibly could, (and injured her opponent to boot) then why would she fail her first two tests? It really did not seem fair to her, as well as the other people testing with her, to fail when others are allowed “do overs” and pass.

Either way I’m super proud of my schmoopie. It was really awesome watching her dish out the punishment to her opponent and my ass thinks she was robbed with those two tests. I’ll tell you one thing though, I feel damn sorry for her opponent come next February. Heh heh heh.

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