Yahoo! just got one up better for me

I have always preferred Yahoo! Messenger for my on-line chatting for several reasons. Most notably is the ability to become invisible and hide from those annoying people I do not want to talk to at the moment. Sure I can do it with MSN Messenger, but that app will not hide neatly in the task bar like Y! does which is a big sore spot with me.

Screw AOL’s messenger. I get so much porn spam using that messenger that my block list is the size of Texas, California and Rhode Island put together. Plus it doesn’t send messages to the task bar like all of the other apps do. It just gets emblazoned on the screen for all in your general vicinity to see. There really is nothing more embarrassing that receiving a talk request from BigTeenHotTitties69xXx in front of your boss.

True, I could get that Trillian shit, but how freaggin’ lazy must you be to use a program like this? You can’t click on three eff’ing icons?? Besides, historically that app has fucked my AOL buddy lists, so I refuse to ever use it again after the last fiasco it caused me.

Anyway, here is yet another reason Yahoo! Messenger still kicks major ass in my book:

X-Rated Yahoo! Smileys

Thanks for the referral Lyns.. 🙂 It’s a shame I can’t use these here @ work. 😆

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i love the adult smileys I just can’t get them on my message screen, does anyone know how, email me please!!! chow babes

And just to add, if you use yahoo messenger try my messy stuff program. It will remove the ads from chat, webcam, and the select room screen. Can change the text in messengers title bar, edit/delete custom away messages, and delete all offline messages. It’s in the Programs page of my Yahoo section.

Hi, I just uploaded 2 zip files containing the adult smileys for messenger 5 and 5.5. Just download the appropriate zip and unzip it into your smileys folder. Hope this fixes your problem teresa.

LMAO@those smilies

Too bad I don’t use pager anymore… or chat, for that matter. I’d be the coolest girl online thanks to your link if I did!

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