The cost of eating right

Normally, I prefer to bring my own lunch because I am assured of a few things. Most notably it doesn’t cost me anything to just reheat some leftovers. Number two, it’s generally much healthier than the fast food joints around me. Number three, I don’t have to venture out to drive amongst the blue-haired slow driving morons around me. Now, every once in a while (like the past week) I do not bring my lunch into work because I either forget it at home or just didn’t leave anything behind the night before to set aside. So, I am forced to venture into the cruel fast food arena for my daily sustenance. Here’s the list of restaurants very close to me:

Burger King
Taco Bell
Kentucky Fried Chicken
Boston Market
A typically priced bar/restaurant that serves American stuff
A pricey Korean restaurant that serves sushi
A pricey sushi take out restaurant
A pricey Japanese diner (see a pattern here folks)
A local ShopRite (supermarket)
Finally, a few miles down the road I can find a decently priced Chinese take out food place

Now, if I go for pure value, you can’t beat both Wendys and McDonalds for their dollar value meals. However, that means I get very high sodium and cholesterol laden food. Yes, I could go for the healthier sandwiches, but they tend to run a good 1.50+ more for the same thing in a beef version around me. With Wendys, I could also go for their yummy salads, but again I could also get 2 cheeseburgers, fries, chili, a potato and a drink for the same price which is much more filling. The same goes for the other fast food places around me.

I can get their “healthier” meals, but will pay more to get them as opposed to their less healthier counterparts.

I could go for sushi but to satisfy me, (not even fill me) it costs a whopping 18 bucks without a drink at the cheapest place. Good for a nice treat every once in a while, but not for a few times per week since it already costs me roughly 60 bucks to commute to work as it is per week. The bar/restaurant around me doesn’t offer much in the way of healthy food other than a good soup or two so scratch that out because I’ll be too tempted to have a few Sam Adams. 🙂

The Chinese restaurant around me has a good deal on a lunch for 5 bucks which comes with the main meal, white rice, an egg roll, soda and fortune cookie. 90% of the time I go there for my lunch which consists of steamed chicken and broccoli with a Sprite.

Forget about the Boston Market. Their food weighs me down more than stuffing an anchor in my pants. It may be a little healthier for me, but it feels like sludge swallowing that crap down..

If worse comes to worse, I’ll just get a big ass fruit bowl at the local ShopRite and prey that they did not put rotten fruit underneath the top chunks. Yes, you wouldn’t believe how many brown chunks of honeydew I had to live through and spit out in the past.

Now, my gripe here is why do fast food places charge you more for their healthier meals? Like today, I heard the chicken Whopper is a pretty healthy meal when it comes to Burger King’s stuff, so I went to try it. Around me it cost 2 dollars more than a regular Whopper with cheese and it tasted like shit. Seriously, it tasted like chicken grilled in smoked shit. I mean 2 bucks isn’t anything, but if you look at it percentage-wise, that’s like a 60% markup in price right? So there goes Burger King for a good healthy meal in my eyes at least around me. It very well could have been that the cooks didn’t wipe themselves properly or something. At least the chicken sandwiches at McDonalds and Wendys taste like somewhat decent chicken.

So for someone like myself who likes to eat better than most people, my choices for healthier foods are horrifically limited and it pisses the hell out of me off. Why must someone like myself be punished for wanting to eat something that will not harm me as much as the other guy who’s stuffing a Big Mac down his gullet?


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I so totally agree wit you about this fast food thing.. as a matter of fact let it be known that a Chicken sandwich from BK has more fat in it than a whopper …. so needless to say even when we try it may not be that beneficial is it… but hey you know its yummy and sides you should always enjoy your food 🙂

I haven’t eaten fast food in over a year, and this is one of the many reasons why. Your best bet is probably the ShopRite. You’ll get more variety and better prices.

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