A little info about myself

Dave’s got this up and it was too good for me to pass up… 🙂

Things I will never be:

Inego Motoya’s father
an American Idol
on the Real World
able to beat Albert Einstein in a game of beer pong
a super horny 18 year old again
in a set of stirrups on the gynecologist’s table
Demi Moore’s booty call
a Korean hockey player
sitting at the bar in Cheers next to Norm
the center square on Hollywood Squares
a captain on Star Trek (a lowly red shirt maybe)
Disco Stu
the dread Pirate Roberts
an immortal (errr, of Highlander fame)
experiencing PMS
shot out of a cannon in a circus
a winner at the AVN adult film awards
Dolly Parton’s left boob
like Mike
rockin’ the Garden as the lead singer of Metallica
a proctologist
mistaken for Arnold Schwarzenegger
spanking Elizabeth Hurley
slaying bad guys on Buffy
serenaded by Sarah McLachlan
an evil scientist in possession of angry sharks with laser beams on their heads.

How ’bout you?