Banning of tag?

Is it me or is this just fucking ridiculous? What in the world happened to common sense and letting kids have fun. Will I have to tell my kids about the good ol’ days in the 1980’s when I played tag and dodge ball in my grammar school playground? Supposedly, these games make kids feel self conscious about themselves because they got “picked on.”

Umm, hello??

Games like these are precisely what gives you self confidence and helps you make it in the real world. When I was a kid, I was always the one getting tagged and the one that always had to run around the playground to catch the other kids. I was the one who continually got beamed with the dodge balls. Then I got faster and smarter about it and soon guess what?? I got better at it. When you’re a kid, playing these games were a good way to have some fun and seemed pretty mindless at first. As you get older however, those values you picked up on while playing these games start to take notice.

  • You learn about healthy competition.
  • You learn that sometimes life isn’t fair and does not always go your way.
  • You learn that if you try and work harder, life gets better.
  • You learn that if you don’t try your best, it’s gonna come and bite you in the ass later.
  • You learn to respect boundaries.
  • You learn to rely on your friends.

Sure, you can “tell” kids about these values, but come on. As a kid, I didn’t listen to shit and had to learn things on my own either harshly or through a game or two. All these law suit fearing morons are raising a bunch of candy-assed brats who can’t learn the vital lessons in life by having their asses wiped and coddled for them.

Sure, there is a fear of kids getting hurt, but that’s what kids do. They fall, break a bone or two, get better and play again. How many times were you hurt as a kid? I couldn’t tell you how many times I sprained an ankle or scraped parts of my body on the ground. It’s a part of growing up, you take your hits, brush it off and go on right?

What’s next? Kids can’t play hop scotch because one person may not be able to jump far enough to get to the next box on the ground? They’re going to ban jump rope in case some stupid-ass gets caught in the rope and falls or they feel slighted because they can’t do it fast enough? Ban hide and seek? Marbles? Laughing?!?!

So now my future kids are supposed to hop around in a circle when they go to grade school? Let me ask you something? Would that be a way you wanted to grow up?