Gotta love late night boobie discussions

Devina and I were talking it up a bit last night about bras and boobies, so now I have a question for the ladies. I get the whole size issues with regards to cups and such, but wouldn’t it make more sense to assign a grade scale to them like in school sort of. I mean if someone is between an A cup and a B cup, I think it’s pretty stupid to say they’re between a small B and large A. Wouldn’t it sound a bit better to say you’re an A+ or a B-? Like the updated scale would be:

A- = Substitute for anything smaller than a natural A cup.
A = Natural A
A+ = Large A
B- = Smaller than a full B
B = Natural B
B+ = Large B
C- = Smaller than a full C
C = You should be getting the clue by now.

Etc, etc, etc…

So this way, wouldn’t the bra companies create bras that fit you all a little better? I mean if you get a bra meant for a full C, but you’re a large B, you wouldn’t want to get the B since it’s too tight. However, if you get the C, the lovely jugglies would swim around in their new home, which makes it uncomfortable from what I hear. So one opts to get the smaller one and make it look like you have porn cleavage at the risk of making it real uncomfortable on themselves later. Another opts to get the larger one and it looks much like the kids today with the droopy pants past their ass… Not attractive. Thus I’m wondering why a different system wasn’t put in place to accommodate the difference in sizes between the sizes. Sure, you can have them tailor made to your specs, but I hear custom made happy pillow harnesses cost a shit load to make. There’s half size bras available as well, but again, it seems like there’s still some room to play with if you’re one of them really funky sized ladies.

Is it my demented guy logic that think this makes perfect sense or should I just shut up now?

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That’s a great idea Dave… I’m one of the funky ones and would absolutely appreciate a bra that fit correctly. I think you need to submit the idea and get a patent… my jugglies would be forever grateful…

Interesting idea but not very practical because:

1. A store couldn’t stock that many different sizes of bras for all the different brands. The bras are already crammed on the displays now and hard to shop through.

2. A woman’s cup size changes depending on weight changes, time of the month, etc. so I don’t know that a half size would make that much difference in comfort on average. The cups also stretch out, unless they are the maximum-padded hard kind, so the size changes over time.

3. Many women are a different size for each breast so maybe an even better idea would be to have a bra that you can adjust the cups on to fit your breast, like the pumps they put on athletic shoes. Men can relate to that technology!

Based on your comment on my blog, you know I know about boobs ; )


Actually it is a great idea – of course the damn bra companies that already charge us an arm and a leg to hold up our boobs would probably charge more for the half sizes. Damn establishment.

Either way – I agree – patent it man!

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