My name is Inego Montoya, you killed my father

I am the dread pirate Roberts… There will be no survivors!
My men are here and I am here… But soon you will not be here!
The dread pirate Roberts takes no survivors… Never survivors!
All your worst nightmares are about to come truuuuuuuue!

Ahhh, what a movie to come home to. I just wish I came home earlier to watch it from the beginning. Then again I must have seen this movie at least 50 times, but I may just pop it in for one more spin. 🙂

The court appearance went well and I got my points reduced down to only two, but I had to pay a higher fine. You can’t win them all I suppose. At the very least my insurance isn’t going to up that much higher with the lesser points added to my license. Now to sign up for a handy dandy defensive driving class to get those two points taken care of and I’ll be safe and sound yet again. *woooo*

I have come to the realization though that Jersey is full of really stupid people and they all seem to have congregated to the court room today. With all of the doozies I had to suffer through while waiting for my name to be called, I couldn’t help but laugh at most of them. This one incredible moron was there on possession of drugs with the intent to sell. He managed to get the prosecutor to believe that he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time somehow. When the judge asked him what happened, he stated that he got caught picking up the drugs from the floor to give back to his friend. The judge then threw out the case, berated him for such a pathetic excuse and forced the case to go to a trial with full charges against him. I mean, shit… If I was caught with drugs and was able to get off for making up a story, I’d come up with something just a wee bit better than that. Sheesh!

The only part about being there that really bothered me was of the 5 people that were up for drunken driving, none of them had to pay a fine larger than a couple of hundred bucks. None of them had to serve any jail time and one of them actually hit another person! No license suspensions, not even a stern talking to any of them. So sad isn’t it?

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Glad you got the court thing taken care of Dave. Defensive driving isn’t so bad, the class I had to take was incredibly boring, but I made it through. It’s really worth it in the end, plus you get a really cheesy card to flash at everyone. 🙂

“You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

::chuckles:: How I love that movie. Good taste. (;

Love that movie! Own it on DVD. But unfortunately thanks to Mandy Patinkin’s need to branch out past Inego Montoya everytime I hear the LIRR, Metro North RR commercial, “MTA. Going your way!” I think of Princess Bride.

Inigo Montoya: You seem a decent fellow. I hate to kill you.

Westley: You seem a decent fellow. I hate to die.

We also watched for a bit last night. Kim says it is the perfect movie, and I can’t argue with her. The only other film I rate so high is Raiders of the Lost Ark.

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