A plea to Campbell’s soups

Dear Campbell’s,

I have just finished your Soups to Go: Hearty Chicken Noodle product and wish to convey some thoughts about it. I love your soup products immensely and to prove it, you will find our pantry full of all varieties of your soups waiting their untimely demise in my eager tummy. However, I must air some grievances I have with this particular product. First off, can we do something about the unusually hard pasta you place inside of the soup? I definitely prefer my pasta al dente, but it has the consistency of squid when I am chewing it. You need to make it a little less on the al side and a little more on the dente side. Or do I have it backwards? Hmmmm.

Secondly, what in the world is up with the pieces of chicken inside of the soup. I have tasted sawdust that was more moist than the artificial meat product you have chosen to grace the contents of your meal in a can. True, you may need to add a few more chemicals than let’s say Purdue does to keep me from getting ill and gracing the porcelain god with my sacrificial offerings, but let’s not overcook the poor meat hunks you have in the soup. You did however, get the chicken taste dead-on right though. It’s just got the consistency of the stuff my desk is made of. Thankfully it weighs much less.

Lastly, I know this is nit-picking, but can we make the containers just a wee bit larger? Consuming your product reminded me of the double shots I used to have back in college. Of course it’s not as exciting as taking a tequila body shot off a hot girl while she was lying on my coffee table, but you need to give it a little more “oomph” for those of us with hearty appetites. May I suggest a 12-14 ounce offering as opposed to the barely filling 10.75 ounce can that’s laying empty in my garbage can. I now have a mean hankering for an artery clogging yet deliciously alluring Big Mac that I will try my best not to get when I am out getting my mail in 15 minutes. :sigh:

So, all-mighty purveyors of the chunky liquid delight in a red and white can. Kindly take heed of my cry for perfection in this new product of yours and I will assure you complete and utter soup domination in my pantry. Please don’t make me take the evil ramen route for my lunch time soup addiction…

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Well, I can sympathize with you Dave… I purchased the tomato soup in the “soups to go” line, and you’re right, they leave something to be desired. My tomato soup gave me third degree burns because the cooking time is off (or perhaps it was the ghetto microwave in the lobby, who knows) and overall the soup just did not taste the same to me. It was kind of lumpy, and I’m no fan of lumps in my soup, especially ones that aren’t supposed to be there. I’ll have to stick to my favorite and leave the “soups to go” for desperate moments.

I don’t think you can separate “al dente” like that.. but I know what you mean, mushy pasta stuff is not my idea of fun either.

You are looking at this product totally wrong. It’s being marketed to kids and hence the colorful packing and small size. What they need to do is create a product to fit the behemoth appetite you have and hence make something in a bigger size/less colorful packaging.

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