The flu and Diana’s lovely boobs

This happen to you yet this year?

You’re sitting there working merrily along when that weird sickly feeling starts to take over in your head. Then all of a sudden, you can swear you start to feel your lymphatic system sending out droves and droves of hungry ass white blood cells into your bloodstream. Much like a ravenous horde of bored house wives at a morning sale during the Christmas season, these pyrogens start ravaging your body. Then you feel your temperature rise slowly but surely. Several minutes pass and you’re pretty damn toasty, but the onset of this flu also makes you ever so drowsy and achy as the minutes trudge along at a snail’s pace. You start to feel like Wonder Woman has you in her lasso of truth, however you don’t get to see the amazingly lovely boobage Paco, so it sucks some pretty major ass. Every bit of energy your body produces goes into feeding it’s voracious attack on itself and you can’t do a damn thing about it… You’re infected. Your contagious. Your boss pulls you into her office and tells you not to come in the next day for fear of your germs going postal on everyone around you.

Mmmm, Wonder Woman boobage. I’m finding myself some episodes of that show tomorrow. It may be nice having the flu this time around…

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*Yawn* Thank god it’s Friday…my morning shower has failed to awaken me properly. I’d love some eggs right now…oh well. Do you actually have the flu, or are you looking for an excuse to stay home? Hehe, guess we’ll never know…

I’ve had a couple of days like that, Dave. I keep thinking I should get a flu shot, but on the whole, I don’t have too many bad days during the winter. Hope you’re feeling better by now!

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