Holy Jebus!

My brother’s got himself a girlfriend!

14 and he’s got a damn girlfriend!!!

I had to wait till I was freaggin’ 17 and for my mega zits to disappear before I had a girlfriend. I don’t even know what to think… To be honest, I’m jealous as hell. Eh well, at least it seems he’s got some Latino charm in him at an early age. She’s older than him too, well only 3 months older, but still.

*sniff* *sniff*

He’s all growns up now…

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It’ll be ok Dave… he’ll have many more before he settles down. Now is the time for you to start passing on your knowledge of women to him… think of how much fun that will be, hehe…

awwww lasdave!

I think my little sister had her first boyfriend at 7…and she hasn’t stopped yet (she’s 30, btw….) and no, you cannot have her number.


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