Of all the places to get hit on

I went to the local A & P supermarket for some much needed milk and OJ last night. Something that occurs once in very rare blue moon happened to me… I got hit on by my cashier and more importantly it was not a gay guy! (not that there’s anything wrong with that of course) Now, I am normally clueless (much to the agonizing dismay of my past girlfriends) when it comes to realizing I am being flirted with, but this time it was coming at me like a MACK truck about to slam into a poor deer.

I was paying and for the first time ever, I was asked if I got everything I was looking for while shopping at the store by the rather attractive cashier. Puzzled, I looked at her and told her that I found everything I was looking for. She then asked me if there was anything she (she put lots of emphasis on that word) could do to make my experience at the checkout more pleasurable. Puzzled even more, I handed her my credit card and she held my hand for a seemingly long amount of time when she grabbed the card from me… Mind you folks, at this point, I’m really freaked out thinking she’s a schitzo and had no clue that she was coming on to me. She then carries on a conversation about how she’s unhappy in her relationship and how her boyfriend refuses to pick her up from work and makes her walk home in the dark alone. I tell her it’s a shame that her boyfriend acts that way and perhaps she shouldn’t be with someone who isn’t kind enough to pick her up from work. She keeps on chatting away and I’m pretty much killing time answering back waiting for that damn card to authorize so I can get away from psycho cashier chick…

The order goes through, she gives me the card and then proceeds to tell me that she is off in a few minutes. Then she asks if I wouldn’t mind waiting to talk with her some more. Politely, I say no thanks and proceed to walk away when she stutters and asks if we could have dinner sometime.

Dave’s Head: Hmmm, wait a minute now… Let’s see what we got here…
Dave’s Head: She asks how my experience could be better with her
Dave’s Head: She touches your hand for quite some time
Dave’s Head: She talks about her crappy b/f
Dave’s Head: She asks you to stay to talk
Dave’s Head: She asks you out to dinner

*synapses dust themselves off and proceed to fire rapidly now*

Dave’s Head: D’oh!
Dave’s Head: Dude, she’s hitting on you!

When I finally put two and two together, I politely let her know that I’m already with someone and decline. Then, I let her know she’s quite attractive and that she shouldn’t have any problems finding someone else once she realizes her current boyfriend needs a good ditching. She seemed pretty happy with that advice and I walked away blushing.

Usually, if I get hit on, it’s by some guy in a rather strange spot. I don’t mind it when it happens at a club or something because that’s just expected. It’s the weird places that irk me… The last time I got hit on, I was at the Maritas in New Brunswick using the urinal. Yeap… I got hit on by a guy while taking a pee.

Hmm, I never told Devina about the cashier girl when I got home yesterday… I’m sure she’ll get a nice laugh out of it when I tell her about it later. 🙂

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Oy… what a blunt girl. Then again, I’d hit on you if you ever came through my line at the grocery store… 😉

Good story Dave. 🙂 Gave me a few laughs. I have an even better story that involved you. Remember Michael? The gay dude who wanted to buy your affections. Gives me the shivers even till this day. What an in demand character you are? 😉 LOL

ugh. reminds me of when I was hit on in the drive thru at burger king. that place has been ruined for me 🙁 hahahahahaha at a urinal! I can just imagine why he would be hitting on you 😉

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