Jersey insurance still bites

Suffice it say, yours truly once again has full coverage on his car and can roam the highways and byways of this grand state with reckless abandonment. Yes folks, in a state that is home of The Sopranos, a weird stench along the exit 13A through 18 stretch of the NJ Turnpike and inept Democrats, I can drive without worry again.

Note: Politically, I am a Democrat, but that whole switcheroo those cheating morons pulled a few weeks ago makes me want to vote in Forrester so bad. It’s nice to see that a political party in this lovely state can completely rewrite and ignore the law to suit it’s own selfish needs.

However, I never got a good answer as to why I was not covered for damage to the car and theft for a good month’s time. From my agent’s guess, the idiot handling my paperwork either forgot or “misplaced” my photo inspection form on her desk and cancelled my collision coverage when she could not find it. When I got to work, I called up my insurance company and asked the very nice customer service rep how something like this could happen and she could not give me an answer. However, she did say that this type of situation did happen a great deal with that company. She also told me that it’s usually due to the inept high school students the managers hire to reduce the cost of keeping a more capable person on the job. Nice huh?? Real freaggin’ nice… Let’s hope I do not get into any sort of accident for the next year eh folks?!

Anyway, until next October I am unfortunately stuck with these astounding simpletons because of the situation I am in currently with insurance. You can bet your sweet ass that I’m ditching these morons once my policy needs to be renewed next year. Sheesh!