Spring forward, fall back.

So this Saturday into Sunday we take the clocks back an hour and go back to Standard time here on the East coast. Luckily, that means an extra hour of sleep for yours truly! Though here’s a question I hope can get answered:

I have never been to a bar or club on a date in which time changes. So does the bar stay open an hour later early Sunday morning, since 2am automatically changes back to 1am? Or does it close at the “pseudo” 2am? Also, if it does stay open, does everyone get paid for the extra hour or does the establishment use the discrepancy to get out of paying the workers the extra hour? What if you have a 2am flight? Does it get pushed back to the new 2am? Ugh…

Also, why 2am? Why does 2am always get picked on when it comes to changing times? Why not 3am or 4am? I think it’s pretty unfair if you ask me. Hmmph.

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This is why I am glad I live in one of two or three states that don’t change times for Daylight Savings… DLS so confusing!

I think the bar stays open till the pseudo 2am (actual 3am). People would just get paid the same as if the bar didn’t have to turn back their clocks. Makes sense to me.

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