Jersey insurance bites big monkey balls

Ok, this fucking sucks…

Just grabbed my mail and saw I had something from my insurance company. I open it up and it’s dated as being mailed on this past Wednesday, October the 23rd. Below it, I see that my comprehensive coverage for my car (fire, theft, collision and damage) has been suspended on the 28th of September. Did you read that right folks?







The letter was dated as being mailed on the 23rd of this month. Almost one god damn month later, my insurance company decides to take it’s mammoth sized head from it’s incredibly stupid ass and let’s me know that a vital part of my coverage on my almost new Altima was suspended!! The reason they state is because I failed to comply with “physical damage insurance inspection regulation.” What in the world is that? Is that when they photo inspect your car? Because if that’s so, I did this the SAME day I got my coverage! I have all of the documents my insurance agent “faxed and mailed” the main company right in front of me.

So now, I can’t drive at all this weekend for fear that some moronic shithead will hit me while the dumbass is on their cell phone or drunk. I have to make sure it’s parked in a super secure location and away from the extremely schizo kids that live in this complex. Kids that think it’s fun to chuck large metal pipes that were left lying around at each other trying to catch them in the parking lot. Kids that think it’s a hoot to wear all dark clothes and play football in an un-lit parking lot where cars generally drive by fairly fast…

Ugh… You know, if I got this yesterday, it would have all been fixed by today. Now I have to wait till Monday to get this taken care of. Oh, this is shaping up to be one grand weekend already.

I need my mommy… 🙁

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Sorry to hear this Dave…insurance companies really do suck a big one in my opinion. My night hasn’t been much better…I’m here in the dorm, by myself, after a homecoming celebration. We play Wofford tomorrow, but I can’t seem to get excited. Maybe it’s because I have other things on my mind (and you know what I’m talking about). I know I worry too much, but damn…I hope this all gets straightened out for you soon. I’m off to study on a freakin’ Friday night! If you get online, say hi ok? :sigh:

Sorry to hear about your insurance company. That just sucks but think of it this way, do you do that much driving that you need to have a car all the time? Thank goodness Devina has a car right? If anything I can give you a ride. Let me know. 🙂

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