Olly olly oxen free!

While I was on my way to the local McDonalds to pick up some grub I tuned in to get my fix of today’s Ron and Fez radio broadcast. Today they were talking about games they used to play as kids and how parents today would just up and shit themselves if they found out about these games. It was pretty funny to listen to because I played almost every game they (and the callers) could think of when they were in grade school. Have you ever played any of these games while you were in grade school?

Wallsies (aka Asses Up, Butts Up, Suicide, Bombardment):
The objective of this game was to throw a ball up at a high wall and everyone had to catch it and throw it back. When you dropped it, you had to run to the wall as fast as you could to touch it before the blood-thirsty pack behind you pelted you with the same ball. If by chance you never made it to the wall and got pegged, the fun started. You had to stand at the wall and stand there with your back towards the kids while they each took a turn pelting you as hard as they could with the ball. Head shots of course were forbidden and it was your ass that was the target. After every lunchtime, some poor kid always got to back to his seat with one red and stinging ass. 😆

Bottlecaps (aka Skully):
The way we played it, we used to take crayons and melt them into wide bottle caps and then used them as a sort of bastardized version of “Marbles.” You’d draw a big board on the ground and get your cap into specific areas of the board. Once that was done, you then get to take out the other players to be the last person with a bottle cap on the board. I’d always thought we played this because none of us could afford a bag of marbles when I was growing up. Little did I know it had such a huge following across the metropolitan area. Unfortunately, I was never a winner in that game. 🙁

I LOVED this game! Think of hide and seek combined with a little tag and a little dodge ball on a 7-10 city square block scale and you have Manhunt. We would wait until sun down of the given Manhunt day and gather up into 4 groups of about 7 or so. We’d each have an arsenal of tennis balls we’d steal from the local tennis courts and then each team would hide throughout the city. Then, each team would hunt out another team and take out their members with their tennis balls. Normally, you’d just grab the person and say “1, 2, 3 Manhunt” a few times, but that version was for the wussy suburbanite kids to play. 😉 Either way, once the person was pelted, you would have to escort them into your “jail” to be held. Thus obviously, the last team standing won this game. The cool part about this game was one year we each convinced our parents to get us white ninja outfits for a “sleep over.” Once we went to the person’s house, we would don the suits, assign a color coded arm band and played out in the snow at night. Naturally, snowballs replaced tennis balls in this winter version of the sport.

Have any of you played any funky games while you were at school or was it just the usual dodge ball or freeze tag games played? Does anyone still play these types of games today?

Ahhh, the memories. 🙂

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butts up ruled. We also played a lame game called ding-dong ditch ’em. We would go ring people’s doorbells late at night and run.

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