Souless clones?

So here’s an interesting question I was discussing with an on-line friend of mine just now.

Suppose we get really good at cloning humans and it becomes the norm many years from now. Now, will these clones have souls? Why or why not? I really can’t say I can begin to fathom an answer to be honest.

Suppose I get cloned this instant and my duplicate is standing right next to me. Would that clone of me have my soul or would he be lacking one? When you do clone something, is it at all possible that the soul was cloned as well? For that to be true, that would assume that souls are a material and tangible thing wouldn’t it? Then as you think about it some more, you come to ask yourself when we get our souls?? Is it at the instant the sperm finagles it’s way into the egg and the cellular divisions start?? The moment we are born?? When we speak our first words?? Kindergarten?? Puberty?? Your first orgasm??

Ugh, why do I always have to think so much…

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that is actually a very interesting question. what about thinking about identical twins when developing your beleifs about the answer to that. The egg is one, it splits into two and two entities develop instead of one, but they were both one before hand, so …is the soul there as soon as the egg is fertilised? I guess now I am going to have to go find out when the egg splits, if it is before conception or after, is the soul the sperm? lol..god now my mind is spinnin round and round as if it wasnt already confused enough.

ok the egg splits within 14 days of conception from the one sperm, so do identical twins share the same soul.

Is conception the moment the soul exists, cos if it is they would have to share the same soul? umm well wouldnt they??

grinz if someone works out the answer to that they can let me know, cos if there was a heaven and hell and if they do share the same soul and one soul is destined to heaven and one to hell where would they go.

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