Double, double toil and trouble…

It’s amazing how busy a company can get when it’s preparing to move to a new location in roughly seven months. I have rebuilt so many damn servers in preparation for the new network that it’s not even remotely funny. Obviously nothing new has been happening with me lately.

However, that show Devina and I went to watch this past weekend was indeed quite hilarious and interesting. If you are a fan of the Simpsons and of course Mr. Shakespeare, then you should definitely watch this performance. I’d have to say Rick Miller’s attempts at some of the voices were so dead on, it was frightening. I especially liked his Mr. Burns, Lisa Simpson, Homer Simpson, Marge Simpson (evil Marge was hilarious), Maggie Simpson, (you’d have to be pretty dumb to mess that one up) Barney, Otto and Moe. The other voices were quite good, though his Bart, Troy McLure and Principal Skinner weren’t too great. The entire performance was excellent and it was as if the real TV show was on with his inclusion of the “simpson-esque” hidden humor and obscure references.

There were some people there who did not like the performance and they fell into one of two categories:

Those that only loved the Simpsons and could care less about Shakespeare. They were the confused looking people as almost the entire play was done in native language. I suspect they also had a hard time watching the most recent versions of Romeo and Juliet and Hamlet as well.

Then there were those who didn’t think much of the Simpsons and came to see a different rendition of MacBeth. Those people either shook their head in denial or just plain scoffed at this “bastardized” (these are Rick’s own words) version. No sense of humor I tell ya.

We figured you would have to be one special type of fan (of both arts) to really appreciate the excellent job Rick Miller did with this play. However, we felt he could have picked a less tragic story than MacBeth and made it much more entertaining if he wanted to. Devina and I figured if he did his performance with “Taming of the Shrew” instead, then it would have been totally perfect. I’d just love to see Marge play the role of Kate… 😆 That would be indeed priceless. All in all, I highly recommend it if you are a fan of both the Simpsons and Shakespeare’s plays.