Mmmmm… Pizza….


I heard a commercial for this on the radio yesterday on my way home from work and I so want to go! Since Devina and I are such ravenous Simpsons fans, it would be the perfect way to spend a Saturday night with each other.

The premise of this MacHomer?

It’s a one man show with Shakespeare’s MacBeth being played via this actor’s rendition of the cast of The Simpsons. Sounds interesting? Hell’s yeah!

I was listening to some sound snippets and his rendition of the voices are all dead-on except for Bart’s voice (a little too deep). I can’t wait to see this… Too bad it’s the only east coast appearance of this performance until next year in Maryland. :sniff: :sniff:

I just got the confirmation of the tickets. YAY! Now I haveta figure out where Drew University is…

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So did you guys ever go to see MacHomer? How was it?
I would’ve loved to have gone. Sounds like fun. =)

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