Gotta love Jersey commutes

Damn sexy:
Watching an attractive brunette singing at the top of her lungs in her Camry. Then catching me looking and blushing to which I just smile back and mouth “It’s OK, I do it too.”

Damn un-sexy:
A more physically attractive redhead up to her second knuckle picking her nose in a BMW right in front of singing girl.

Damn stupid:
The blonde I saw in my right lane that rear-ended the SUV in front of her. Why did she do it? She was applying mascara and did not notice the SUV stopping short until it was too late.

Yes, I also stayed to let the state police know how it happened as a witness for the lovely asian MILF in the SUV.

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I wonder how many people have thought I was “damn sexy” when I was singing at the top of my lungs in traffic… *pout*

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