The sick state of today’s music

Here’s something that’s been bugging me as of late with regards to today’s piss poor selection of “music”. We have our Britneys and the wannabes, Linkin Parks and the wannabes, Creed and the wannabes, Jay-Z and their wannabes. Hell, even a decent ska band like No Doubt has gone towards the sickening-poppy-teeny rock route and away from their core roots of big-band-punk-funk laden music. Who is to blame for all this?

Do we blame the artist themselves for their lack of talent? Most importantly, do we blame them for disregarding their roots (if they hand any to begin with) and following an ill-conceived formula to get their bland and talentless music out to us? Granted, there are some good artists out there who have some real talent like India Arie who can actually create some magnificent music and (*gasp*) play a real instrument, they are far and few between.

Do we blame the media and most notably, the joke that has become MTV, who makes and breaks artists simply to fuel their teenage viewer ratings? I know this may make me sound old, but shit, I can remember when it was nothing but videos. Headbanger’s Ball, Yo MTV Raps, all music all the time. Nowadays, you have to wait after the 29 re-runs of Real Shit (err, World) to see the latest offering from the female R and B artist of the week who’s collaborating with the “artist” formally known as Puff Daddy and that midget Ja-Rule kid with the constipated wannabe Barry White voice. It’s a damn shame I tell you.

Do we blame the record companies who continually force feed the music we listen to, making clones and clones of artists just to make a buck? After Britney hit the scenes, how many similar looking young hot blondes flooded the market? They don’t need anyone who can sing anymore. Just get a decent looking girl, get her some breast enhancements, slap on the makeup and put on some tiny ass outfit to further contaminate the horrific image of false beauty todays teenage girls today want to emulate.

Oh what? Singing abilities?? Who cares… They have enough effects to make a 89 year old grandmother who smoked 20 packs a day for 25 years sound like Aretha Franklin at 21 if they needed to. Musical writing ability? Shiiiit, they don’t even know how to spell Jack. We’ll just swipe (oh wait, the correct term is “sample”) an old song from the 80’s and remake it so that no one can really tell who did the original. Need proof, how many kids did you know who thought Puff Daddy created that snazzy bass riff from “Every Breath You take” by the Police? Personally, I knew 10.

They each got slapped so hard, their mommas felt it. Then I bought them a Greatest Hits of Police CD and showed them what real music sounds like…

Now the music companies are complaining of losing millions and millions of dollars because of the evils of file sharing. Here’s a clue folks, if you didn’t put out such crappy CD’s with even lesser talent behind it, then more of us would buy your product.

Not just for the 2 tracks that are being overplayed on the radio mind you…

I would gladly pay the overinflated price of a CD if I liked the entire thing. Why should I give them my hard earned money just so that this artist can continually produce crap that is not worthy enough to be called crap? If I like one song from their 14-18 tracks, why am I going to spend my money for it? I’d rather download it, listen to it a few times and delete it when it gets boring.

Now, most importantly, do we blame the music buying public?

I mean it really is us that buys these CD’s…
It is us that goes to the concerts…
It is us that requests the same song to be played 10 times a day on every radio station at the same time…

Ay, there’s the rub.

Makes ya think eh?

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Gabriel’s new cd is utterly amazing. I got it all via WinMX before it was released, and man, it’s great. I’ll be buying this one for certain (like I wouldn’t).

Yeah, it’s time for EmptyVee to move on. Martha Quinn rocked! It’s a shame that artists can’t be 100% pure like they used to be. Any band you hear on top 40 radio nowadays is crap and you know the artists didn’t intend to sound the way they do on radio!

It’s why I rarely listen to new music these days. Instead, I wait for friends to tell me what I might be interested in. My own musical tastes are wide — Dead Can Dance, Loreena McKennitt, classic rock — lots of different styles. Hell, Peter Gabriel just released a new cd that will probably do poorly, since it’s complex (it’s brilliant, by the way).

Part of it is the public’s fault, part of it the record companies. Both sides are responsible for the crap, although I lay extra blame on EmptyVee. Carson Daly has much to attone for . . .

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