Time for the Met!

Devina and I ventured into the city again this weekend to visit a cool place. It was actually a trip a bunch of her karate friends planned, but we woke up late and missed the traveling party. We felt bad, but I actually hate taking trains into the city on weekends, so I happily opted to drive in. On this trip, we hit the Metropolitan Museum of Art located on 82nd and 5th. I have been there before (5 times now) and she was a Met virgin, so I let her take the reigns and look around everywhere she wanted to look. She loves looking at paintings and photographs where I am usually more interested in looking at historical items and sculptures, so it’s a great place for the both of us to get lost in. She was quite surprised at the amount of people (mostly NYU students) taking sketches and notes of various exhibits, but I let her know it was a very normal occurrence. I spent the bulk of the time on the first floor checking out the Egyptian, Greek and African art. I also always love checking out the Arms and Armor section, so I hit that first when we hit the second floor. Surprisingly, Devina spent a great deal time in the Medieval Arts section looking at the numerous paintings of that time. Then we headed to the Gaughin exhibit that’s there for a short time and then to the rooftop exhibit and had some lunch. Then Devina wanted to go check out some of Rembrandt’s work and I happily drooled over Seurat’s art. I would say he’s my favorite of all time. He’s most known I guess for this piece, but I saw this and it’s my new favorite. 🙂

Afterwards we had a blast in the Musical Instruments section and finished off in the Modern Art area. She was drooling over the Andy Warhol collection and I was in another part… I don’t know why, but I have never been a fan of Warhol’s work. I mean I know his contributions to contemporary art are quite important, but I don’t see how his stuff made him so popular. A lot of it to me is just like taking a rubber stamp and pasting it on stuff (sometimes with lots of different colors) and that’s it. Then there’s that Campbells soup can… Eh well, to each their own. 😀

Unfortunately because my camera does a piss poor job of taking pictures with insufficient light, (no flash photography allowed) I could only really take pictures of some of the Modern Art exhibits. You can check them out here if you wish. It was getting really hectic and crowded there, so we decided to venture there another day since we only saw roughly 60% of the entire museum in the span of time we were there. She was amazed at the sheer size of the museum and I told her you can only really see the whole museum if you skip school (or work) and spend the entire day there. Who knows, maybe one of these days we’ll play hookie from work and check it out again to see what she missed. 🙂

The coolest part was that I only set off one alarm this time! 🙂

I didn’t touch anything of course, but I did lean too far into this bronze sculpture of someone defeating Satan. It was Satan being speared by some saint and I wanted to see behind it, but when my head blocked the beams so it set off a proximity alarm. I quickly backed away and just admired it from afar, though it sucked because there was more detail towards the back of the piece and you couldn’t see all of it. Made me feel kind of robbed since it was a really kick ass piece. Eh well, perhaps one of these days they’ll display it properly.

After that, we walked to this festival of sorts on 3rd Avenue. We hit it at about 75th street and walked all the way up till about 87 or so and just took in all the sites. It reminded me of the Feast of San Gennaro, with the exception that there was infinitely more walking room. Again I ate like the little piggy that I am and we walked back to my car which was safely parked in a garage on 79th and 5th.

I have no clue why, but I tried to take the George Washington bridge back to Jersey since Devina has never ridden on it. However, we ended up in the middle of Harlem (I really thought you could get to the bridge around the 90’s) and I think someone got shot on the street we were trying to go. After I quickly backed out, we drove off again and headed down to the Lincoln tunnel and merrily came back to Jersey and relax our tired feet.

Next week, I wanna try this Museum of Sex I have been hearing about. Anyone go there yet?

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I didn’t know there was such a thing as the Museum of Sex…I guess NYers will come up with anything… 🙂 Have you been to the Museum of Natural History? I could spend a whole week in that place…and I almost did. My friend had to drag me out of there. I love museums.

Very interesting; I’m jealous. I’ve always been a lover of the arts. If I were in the area, I’d check out the Museum of Sex as well.

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