I want Redhat 8.0!!!

Well, for those of you out there who use RedHat, their newest version (8.0) of their linux software came out this fine day.

There’s nothing like the release of a new OS level to really bring down a site and it’s mirrors. The site is getting hammered by those people like me who want to download the software.

The beauty of linux is that if you have a fast connection, you can get the operating system before it hits the stores. Right now I have half of the first CD of 5 on my server… So, for those of you hosted on lascivious.org, you’re gonna have a slow site today…

Ummm, sorry about that folks… But this is for the greater good!

It took me like 3 hours to even find a server with a slot for someone to download and I got so happy when I finally found it. The one thing that really sucks about downloading a linux distro is hopping on each mirror server to see which one has the it and also how fast you can download from it. Almost all of them are maxed out now.

For those interested, ftp or rsync over to rpmfind.speakeasy.net to grab your copy of the new version that came out today.

Hmmm, if it’s anything like their last release, this version won’t hit the stores till later this week!

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Oh wow, cool. And here I am puttering around in Mandrake. I finally found out how to open a floppy! HAH! Actually, my lil sister did. I’m just sad. sniff sniff

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