Applebees sucks

Devina went to dinner yesterday with a friend to a local Applebees and she was kind enough to get me a steak. She got it medium rare, which for me is a bit overcooked for my taste. I like my steaks “black and blue” (as rare as possible) because anything over medium-rare destroys natural flavor of a meat. However, if I am in a place where I do not trust the meats, I will usually get my meat medium for fear of getting sick. Applebees and any similar restaurant (Fridays, Houlihans, Olive Garden, etc.) would be one of those places where I would not trust the meat, so I would always opt for medium cooked meats and have lots of steak sauce on hand to compensate for the loss of flavor. This big ass steak wasn’t half bad, but their chefs must have been sleeping or something because half of it was well done and the other half was pretty rare. It was also fairly charred. This tells me the moron over-seared it and then left the frying pan off-center or hung the edge of the pan inside the burner and left the other half up in the air. I really didn’t notice this while I was eating because Devina and I were having our “How was your day?” chat. When I did notice it, I pretty much stopped eating it, put it away and hoped I wouldn’t get sick today.

Now I have a damn stomach ache… This is the eff’ing reason I don’t frequent these types of restaurants nowadays…

I really hope it just continues to be a small tummy ache because I was too late to have breakfast. I really don’t want to be hunched over the damn toilet a few hours from now… Man, and I had such a long streak without paying homage to the porcelain god. :ugh:

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Man, thats what you get for ordering a steak at applebees, that’s like ordering lobster souffle at a diner…you can get it, but will you like it? You want steak, head to Arthurs or places that specializes in it…mmm steak.
But folks, maybe dave is glutton for punishment. Dave looooves the porcelain god. Hey dave I am getting a milkshake…want some?! Mmmm vanilla…

Dave Dave Dave….

i swear like we are brothers. I went through the same experience as you did one night a few years ago in Ensenada. Same think just happened in a different place. I still can’t have dairy.

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