Peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a couple of pickle slices in it…

Actually, I used to love stuffing Doritos into hamburgers to make them crunchy. Ahh, the stomach of a 10 year old. 😀

Yes, these food combinations may gross some of you out, but I love each… Care to share your odd food combinations?

5 replies on “Mmmmmmmmmmm”

  1. I had lo mein and a peanut butter (crunchy) and grape jelly sandwich for breakfast the other morning…it hit the spot. 🙂

  2. OK … when I was like 13 I use to like to eat scrambled eggs mixed with Mayo and Mustard… AND Lee Perins Sauce…

  3. Salt & Vinegar potato chips, dipped in raspberry sorbet

    French fries dipped in a chocolate shake

    Cheddar cheese and pickles

    Swiss cheese, sweet Italian pepper, and mayonnaise sandwiches

    Do I win?

  4. I like putting chips into sandwiches, I do it all the time. As for the pickle and peanut butter combo — damn, Dave that is just nasty as hell. How can you mix sour with…peanutty flavor?

    I’m into some pretty weird food combos myself although I can’t think of anything outrageous for now…

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