This or That Tuesday

This or That Tuesday time baby!

Portland, Maine or Portland, Oregon?
Maine. I’m kinda iffy on living in an area that’s prone to earthquakes.

New York or New Jersey?
Jersey baby… Close enough to the city to warrant staying here and venturing in whenever I feel like it. To those that say Jersey sucks… Well, here’s a big f’you to you… 😉

Van Gogh or Van Halen?
Van Gogh of course, however Van Halen with Diamond Dave is still the best ever. I’m so happy the band’s gone to shit… Suits Eddie right for being such an intolerable two-faced asswipe.

Bill Clinton or Bill Gates?
Clinton baby! Any man that can get away with getting oral treats from an intern in the oval office and still be president is ok in my book. 😆

Leonardo daVinci or Leonardo DiCaprio?
daVinci… Leo was only good in the Basketball Diaries IMHO.

“American Pie” or “American Idol”?
American Pie has got to be one of the funniest teen movies I have ever seen in my life. I tend to look at people funny when they admit to being hooked on that “American Idol” show…

George W. Bush or Curious George?
Curious George all the way. The man in the yellow hat rocked!

Billy Joel or Billy Idol?
Billy “Mr. NYC” Joel of course… Billie Joel from Green Day is pretty kick ass too. 🙂

Donny Osmond or Donald Duck?
Donald Duck, especially after hearing this.

Note, before playing that make sure you are open to humor of a sexual nature AND not in a public area. Turn down your speakers or better yet, wear headphones. 🙂

Dr. Seuss or Dr. Kevorkian?
Doc Kevorkian seems pretty bad ass to me… Dr Seuss only wrote books, the big K gets away with killing people… 😉

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Prone to earthquakes, huh? You’d better avoid the whole west coast and not just Oregon, then! Pft! 😛

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