San Gennaro festivities

This weekend was pretty eventful for yours truly.

Saturday, I heard a commercial for the San Gennaro festival in Little Italy (the entire span of Mulberry Street), so I decided to take Devina in to check it out for herself. She hates driving into the city so we parked the car by my parent’s old house and took the bus in (literally a 3 minutes ride). Then we went to the subway and were entertained by this Asian gentleman playing a homemade flute while we were waiting for the train. It took longer than usual, but a W train came and we headed down to Prince Street and checked out the stores around there at first.

As we were getting closer and closer to the party, we could hear the music blasting and smell the food cooking. Thank god neither Devina nor myself were claustrophobic because all of Mulberry Street was jam packed full of people. I guess because it was cancelled last year or people just needed something to do, but in all of the times I went, it was never that busy. We went up Mulberry (towards Grand) taking in all of the stands and started consuming an amazing amount of food. For the time I was there, I wound up having:

  • a portabello mushroom burger
  • a few zeppoles
  • some funnel cake
  • cotton candy
  • a shish kabob
  • damn good pizza
  • a pastelito (Spanish meat patty, which I probably spelled wrong)
  • a corn pancake filled with mozzarella cheese

It was all topped off at night with a chocolate eclair and a rather horrid tiramusi from the pastry cart there. I think it was the Fortunato Bakery or something along those lines. Devina and I just wound up throwing it out after a few bites because it was so horrendous. Devina had bites of my food and she got herself some Sangria and a shish kabob. We didn’t really buy anything because the crowd of people just kept on “pushing” you forward, so one couldn’t really stand for very long. It started raining a little when we were on our way out of the crowd to get back home and everyone knows how bad New York is when it starts raining. You wind up getting splashed with something that’s water plus extra goodies that you just do not really want to know about.


When we left, we decided to work off the food we just ate, so we made a trek from Canal Street to the Port Authority stopping at one bar to hit the bathroom (and get some drinks :grin:). I have no clue how long a trek that is, but that’s from below the numbers to 39th Street. It’s gotta be at least a good mile or so. However, we were running out of time, so we decided to hop on the subway around 34th because I wanted to catch a NJ Transit bus from the Port Authority. They have these little mini-buses that venture into NJ if you happen to miss the bus, but I avoid them like the plague. I always see too many skeevy people on them and I feel much better sitting in a big ass NJ Transit bus.

We made it back on time and like the sucker that I am, I started talking to one of the guys that usually sit around the ticket booths in the Port Authority that ask for money. It turns out he was just released from Rikers Island and he needed some moolah to get home to Marlboro, NJ. I wound up giving him all the small change I had (a few bucks), so hopefully he wasn’t tricking or anything and managed to get back home.

Anyhoo, we made it back to Jersey and for some ungodly reason, I was hungry again. Devina only had nibbles of my food, so she was pretty hungry too. We then headed to this Cuban restaurant I love to frequent when I am in the area and we had some damn good food. We only had a Media Noche and a small black bean soup each, but it was exactly what we needed to end the night.

The rest of the weekend was spent lazily at home and we just watched movies all day long. 🙂

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