Two for Tuesday, the home edition

It’s Two for Tuesday time baby!

Are you happy where you live? If not, what isn’t working for you there?
Well, technically I do not live anywhere at the moment as weird as that sounds. I live with my girlfriend, yet stay at my parent’s house when I absolutely need to not be late for work the next day (40 mile difference :wink:). I will probably get my own place sometime next May if all goes well with work and such.

Is there a place that you think would be ideal for you? If so, would you ever consider moving there?
I have two dream locations where I would love to live. First I would to live in New York City in a very nice loft apartment overlooking either the Village or Central Park. I’d love to stay there for a year or two soaking up everything around me and of course throwing parties every other weekend. 🙂 Of course you will *all* be invited… 🙂

When I retire, I would love to have a huge log cabin up in Maine that overlooks a very tranquil lake. I’d love to have trees all around me and be able to fish for food and perhaps even learn how to ski properly. 🙂 I’d create a little nook where I would have a huge picture window overlooking the lake and a big old comfy recliner facing out with a fireplace towards my back sipping a cup of earl grey… Ahhh, that would be the life. 🙂