Geek help needed!

Ok, I have no idea why the idea was never thought of when we received this laptop (I for sure would have nixed it immediately), but I have a question I am posing to the noble sys admins that may read this page.

I have *one* Win2k (sp3) laptop user who travels back and forth between two sites. Each with separate domains (nt4-sp6 and win2k-sp2/active directory). How can I get her to connect to both domains without:

  1. Allowing them admin rights
  2. Not having them do the workgroup thing
  3. Not allowing trusts between the two domains
  4. Not installing Win98 or WinMe
  5. Not saying it can’t cheaply be done

I have played around with the setting the workgroup thing and while I can easily nudge getting Outlook to see each of the different Exchange boxes, I am having major issues getting any of the domain printers to install right. Thus I think that workgroup thing can be nixed. Unless someone can help me figure out why I can’t install any of the domain printers onto the laptop when it’s in a workgroup. Could it be some weird ass policy setting??

I have also thought of perhaps conning them into installing Server onto the laptop so that I can create a trust relationship between the laptop and the seperate domains… Yeah, I know really stupid…

Any idears out there?

You know, this is so easy if it were done via Linux… :sigh:

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Look! In the sky, its a bird, its a plane, no wait, its that whole entry going right over my head! With all the help you give me I wish I could help you out when you need it. :sigh: Got any questions on spin selling?? 😛

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