Geek work… :)

I’m working on a FAQ for this site at the moment. I’ve kept a small list of the stuff I have been asked most about in IM’s and e-mails just to share with everyone and hopefully stop them from continuing. Next, I haveta work on getting that tagboard coded up…

I also installed the new Netscape 7 on my work machine and I must admit, I am thoroughly impressed with it. It renders almost every site I visit frequently just like IE 5.5 and 6. Of course it’s essentially the Mozilla 1.1 browser with the Netscape sticker on it and several programs added extra (like AOL Instant messenger and Winamp), so it’s not bad at all… Just install it with nothing else enabled but the Navigator and download the Sun Java J2SE yourself to have it without the useless bells and whistles attached to it.

A’ight, enough geek talk… Works going to be a killer today.

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hi. how’s life? ๐Ÿ™‚

well you know adding some faq is a good idea. I love to read faq’s :-รพ

take care!

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